Back in March Drock Gaming LLC (Drock), through its radio service shop, approached Forest Industries Telecommunications (FIT) with a proposal to license exclusive spectrum in Las Vegas Nevada. According to David Smith, Executive Vice President of FIT, “our analysis of both the location, power requirements and emission mask led us to believe that a conventional solution was not possible‚Ķ”. According to Smith the lack of available spectrum made it necessary to look “outside the box”. The only viable frequencies existed in the Airport Terminal Use (ATU) pool. FIT prepared the waiver and engineering studies and the FCC granted Drock’s request to utilized the ATU channels at its facilities in Las Vegas on October 17th, 2016.

Since the filing of Drock’s application there have been tangible efforts by the FCC to open up spectrum to PLMR applicants. To that end the Commission has proposed to add additional channels to its table of allocations under 90.35. The FCC’s aim is to eliminate “… unnecessary impediments to the most efficient use of this scarce resource.”. On September 23rd the FCC’s proposal was codified in the Federal Register. You can preview this release here. You can also review Drock’s granted waiver notice here.

For more information about licensing possibilities you can email FIT at or call toll free 888-583-2-WAY(929)