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About Us

FIT is a trade association of the Land Mobile radio industry and is an FCC Certified Frequency Coordinator. We have been assisting two-way radio applicants and licensees since 1947. As one of the first established frequency coordinators, FIT has been in the forefront of frequency coordination and radio system design. FIT was one of the first to develop a computer database for the efficient and effective management of land mobile radio frequencies. Many of the engineering and assistance services now offered by frequency coordinators and spectrum managers are modeled after the services initiated by FIT 70 years ago.

As a trade association, FIT represents radio users before the FCC as well as before Congress and other federal agencies on land mobile communications issues. FIT also assists members and other applicants with FCC license applications for a wide variety of other land mobile, microwave, aeronautical and marine licenses. The FIT’s expertise is unparalleled in the industry with a stable staff, experienced and well trained spectrum management team capable of handling a wide variety of FCC licensing projects and spectrum matters. FIT is located in Eugene, Oregon, provides the mechanics of day-to-day operation of the Association. Activities include frequency coordination, FCC liaison and licensing assistance. FIT is a lean and efficient organization that operates through a Board of Directors and a dedicated staff. The Directors establish policy, goals and operating budget and provide overall governance of the organization. As FCC Rules and policies change, so too has FIT. Forest Industries Telecommunications intends to maintain its role in spectrum management and will adopt new means to ensure the best possible service to members and clients. Part of this commitment is the addition of a new MEMBERS ONLY section of our website.