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FCC FRN registration $40  
FCC Password recover or reset $50  
FCC 601 Application preparation service for in-service applicants $135  
FCC 601 Application preparation service for non-IB/LT service applicants $175  
FCC ASR Tower registration / FAA 7460 $300  
FCC License renewal ONLY, no technical or major modifications $150  
FCC Form 603 Assignment of Authorization $325  
Waiver attachment processing with coordination/application $150  
FCC Notice of Construction/Schedule K filing $50  
Reprocess a denied application due to applicant instructions/omissions(minimum) $175  
Include extended area of operation/power justifications per 90.205 $175  
HAAT calculation/ground elevation determination Free  
Administrative update / modify pending application or minor change $125  
Intermod Study (3rd order, 2 frequency products)
The fees below are for frequency coordination services.
The MINIMUM service fee for frequency coordination filing is $125 per FCC Form 601. Fees are assessed on a per-channel, per-pair or
per-site basis. Only those FCC officially designated channel pairs qualify for the per-pair pricing. FIT coordination fees DO NOT include
FCC licensing or regulatory fees
Low Power-Under 5 watt mobile or itinerant group   RATE
Single VHF or Paired UHF mobile/portable (added w/ other coordination activity)
Itinerant channel concurrent with other licensing activity   $35  
Stations Over 5 Watts mobile or fixed locations   RATE  
Operational Fixed Point-to-point   $135  
UHF/VHF Simplex, base and/or mobile single area of operation   $160  
UHF/VHF Repeater, mobiles, control, talk around single area   $185  
Same frequency or pair reused within 10 miles of primary/original   $ 45  
Same frequency or pair reused beyond 10 miles of primary/original   $110  
Additional Temporary facilities on application, per line on form 601-H3   $ 45  
Contour or terrain plots for R-6602 study, per site/per channel   $125
800 MHz repeater system, per channel pair   $500  
800 MHz 44/22 dBu short spacing studies per site/per channel   $125  
T-band stations, per site/per pair   $325  
Upgrade fee added for station class FB4-FB6-FB8   $125
FIT is an FCC Certified Frequency Coordinator, serving the communications Industry since 1947


FIT DOES NOT prepare applicant’s exhibits, waivers or letters of agreement beyond those studies shown above.
Members will be provided with recommendations and samples upon request. Clients needing special documentation should contact their radio system engineer or an FCC Attorney. FIT reserves the right to assess additional fees for services not listed above. All fees are subject to change without prior notice.


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