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Pursuant to CFR 47 1.903 you are required to license your two-way radios. Failure to comply with this mandate can subject the end user to fines, often many thousands of dollars (see CFR 47 1.80). Obtaining a valid license is also your best defense against interference. For compliance questions contact FCC Certified Frequency Coordinators at FIT 888-583-2way.

VHF Outdoor limited to these nationwide channels: 151.505, 151.5125, 151.625, 151.700, 151.760, 154.5275, 158.400, 158.4075 MHz
UHF Contractors Package limited to these nationwide channels: 451.800, 456.800, 451.8125, 456.8125, 464.500, 469.500, 464.550, 469.550 MHz
UHF and VHF mobile packages are only licensed for specific fixed locations.